Fertilizer Quantities for Aus crops in Bangladesh


Rice production system depends on a various management practices such as irrigation and fertilizer applications, crop management practices, use of new high yielding varieties and modern technologies. Aus rice is one of the major cereal food grains in Bangladesh. Fertilizer is the most important nutrient elements in soils and plays the most vital role in crop production in Bangladesh. Fertilizer application mainly depends on the soil types, growing season, irrigation applications and the cultivars used and agro-climatic conditions of the locations. Every year huge amounts of chemical fertilizer are imported from foreign countries and the import rate is significantly higher for non urea fertilizers.

This post shows the quantity of fertilizers use in various divisions in Bangladesh for Aus crop. The data used in this post for Fertilizer quantity for different Aus crop was carried out in September, 2008 by BBS BD. Please visit the official website of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics for further details.


In Bangladesh, the per acre average requirements of Urea, TSP, MOP, Zinc, Gypsum and Organic for local Aus are 30.13, 6.77, 0.89, 0.15, 0.23 and 15.30 kilograms respectively. No TSP, zinc and gypsum are used for local Aus in Sylhet division in the country, see the above table.


It is observed that per acre quantity of organic fertilizer used for HYV Aus in Bangladesh is found to be 60.76 kilogram. As high as 177.32 kilogram organic fertilizer is required for per acre HYV Aus cultivation in Sylhet division while no user of zinc and gypsum exists there and also in Barisal. See the above table.


It is seen from the above table that per acre average requirements of urea, TSP, MOP, zinc, gypsum and organic for hybrid Aus in Bangladesh are 55.44, 15.15, 6.32, 1.66, 3.12 and 22.70 kilograms respectively. Survey data show that farmers /cultivators do not use zinc and gypsum for hybrid Aus in Barisal and Chittagong divisions. No use of fertilizers in Sylhet division implies that no hybrid Aus are cultivated there.


It is observed from the above table that in Bangladesh, per acre average requirements of urea, TSP, MOP, zinc, gypsum and organic are 39.95, 9.01, 3.23, 0.70, 1.08 and 43.60 kilograms (KG) respectively. No zinc and gypsum users are found for combined Aus in Sylhet division.


The above chart show that per acre fertilizer used (Kg.) by variety of fertilizer in Bangladesh. The Figure displays that urea and organic fertilizers are used in almost same quantity for per acre Aus land. It also shows that use of TSP is three times higher than that of MOP.

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source: BBS BD

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