AUS Crop – Land Preparation and Seed Costing

Before sowing / planting of Aus paddy the seeds / seedlings land has to be prepared well by tilling. Generally land is tilled by using local plough or power tiller. Presently in Bangladesh most of the land is tilled by power tiller. Expenditure per acre (in Tk.) involved in land preparation is shown in the tables below (Click on the screenshot images to enlarge). The survey in this post for Aus crop was carried out in September, 2008 by BBS BD. Please visit the official website of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics for further details.


The average land preparation cost per acre for local Aus crop in Bangladesh is recorded at Tk. 1625. Dhaka, Chittagong and Rajshahi divisions spent more than average cost on land preparation compared to other three divisions in the country. A large portion of expenditure for land preparation goes to the mechanized power tiller in all the divisions. For Dhaka, Khulna and Sylhet divisions, it is found that a significant percent of land under Aus crop is prepared by plough.


From the above table, it can be mention that the average per acre land preparation cost for HYV Aus crop in Bangladesh is Tk.2038. The Rajshahi and Sylhet divisions are still dependent on traditional plough system compared to other divisions.


For Hybrid Aus paddy, it is observed from the above table that the average per acre land preparation cost for hybrid Aus crop in Bangladesh is Tk. 1911. Most of the land under hybrid Aus is cultivated by the mechanized power tiller while Barisal and Rajshahi divisions experience plough as well.


And for Combined Aus from the above table, we can observe that the average per acre land preparation cost for combined Aus crop in Bangladesh is Tk. 1882. The table shows as high as 67.11% of total cost spent through the mechanized tilling system.


The per acre cost of seed by variety of Aus crop by divisions in Bangladesh is presented in the above table. The average seed requirement per acre is found to be 21.52 kilogram (KG) which costs around Tk. 490. Per acre seed requirement for local Aus is much higher than that of HYV and hybrid varieties. There is almost no variation for per acre seed requirement in HYV Aus across divisions while for local Aus significant variations are observed.

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source: BBS BD

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