Land Tenure-Ship for Aus Cultivation in Bangladesh

Although the area under Aus crop in Bangladesh has been declining due to tremendous increase in the area under Boro crop, still Aus crop contributes a significant share in overall supply of cereal crops. The total area under Aus crop in the year 2008-09 was 10.66 lac hectares. The total production was estimated about 18.95 lac metric tons. Households growing Aus crop by type of land tenure ship in percentage are shown in the below table.


The survey in this post for Aus crop was carried out in September, 2008. In Bangladesh, it is observed that slightly more than two-thirds of local Aus crop land is cultivated by the owner himself / herself followed far behind by share cropping. Share cropping system in Rajshahi division is insignificant while a significant portion of Aus land is cultivated by mortgage system. Sylhet division experiences almost no leasing system.


Area under HYV Aus by land tenure is shown in the above table. For HYV cultivation, it is seen that 62% of Aus crop land is cultivated by owner himself / herself while 21.38% by share cropping. In Barisal division, the percentage of land under share cropping is lower compared to mortgage and leasing systems.


Area under hybrid Aus by land tenure is exhibited in the above table. For hybrid cultivation, it is seen that almost 60% of Aus crop land is cultivated by owner himself / herself followed by leasing system. All the hybrid Aus land in Chittagong division is cultivated by the owner. No share cropping exists in Barisal, Chittagong and Sylhet division while Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi and Sylhet divisions witness no mortgage and leasing systems.


The above Table shows the area under combined Aus by land tenure. It is observed that 63.43% of households cultivated Aus paddy in their own lands followed by 20.94% share cropping, 6.54% mortgage, 7.67% lease and 1.44% others. In Barisal division leasing system dominates over share cropping and mortgage systems.


Type of tenure for Aus crop in Bangladesh suggests that own arrangement, that is, owner’s land for Aus cultivation is three times larger than share cropping system while leasing dominates mortgage system.

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source: BBS BD

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