Pesticides Irrigation and other costs for Aman

Production cost survey for Aman crop was carried out in March, 2009. In the previous posts about various costing was also carried out in the same time. In this survey, data on area under Aman paddy, land tenure, leasing, means of land preparation, seed and seedling cost, quantity and cost of fertilizer used, insecticides cost, sowing / plantation, weeding, harvesting, thrashing and other related costs were collected.


In the above table, it reveals from the data that per acre average insecticides / pesticides cost stands at Tk 224 while it is Tk 73 for other cost. Here it is to be mentioned that no irrigation is needed in Broadcast of Aman.


The above Table contains per acre cost of insecticides / pesticides, irrigation and other costs for Local transplanted Aman paddy by division wise in Bangladesh. It is evident from the table that Tk. 40 and Tk 341 are spent for irrigation and pesticides cost respectively at national level. Irrigation costs are remarkably low in Chittagong division. No irrigation costs are recorded in Barisal and Sylhet. Probably normal rainfall occurred in these places. Other costs are found higher in Khulna division.


It is seen that Tk. 254 and Tk. 424 are spent for irrigation and insecticides in case of HYV Aman cultivation. Insecticides / pesticides cost is seen to be the highest in Khulna division (520), followed by Chittagong (440) and lowest is seen in Dhaka (342). In Rajshahi (Tk. 418) insecticides costs are higher compared to Sylhet (370), Dhaka (342) and Barishal (417) divisions.


The above Table depicts that per acre cost for irrigation stands at Tk. 676 and it is Tk. 367 for pesticides. It is observed that Tk. 97 is spent for other costs. The highest irrigation cost is Tk. 936 in Dhaka division followed by Tk 813 in Khulna division. No irrigation cost is seen in Sylhet division. Large variations are observed between divisions for the per acre cost of both pesticides and Irrigation.


Data exhibited in the above Table gives a general idea about per acre cost of insecticides / pesticides, irrigation cost and other costs of combined Aman. Here, it is observed that per acre average insecticide cost stands at Tk. 400 while it is Tk .201 for irrigation cost. It is to be noted here that no irrigation cost is seen in Barisal and Syhlet division. ‘Others’ means some additional helping laborers needed for the application of insecticides / pesticides and irrigation. Wide variations exist between divisions in per acre cost of both pesticides and Irrigation.

source: BBS BD


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