Development Partners Initiatives in Fisheries sector of Bangladesh


In the fisheries development initiatives a large number of development partners namely; World Bank(WB), International Development Agency (IDA), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), World Food Programme (WFP), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), DANIDA, DFID, Ford Foundation, etc., have been involved in Bangladesh.

The activity of the partnership varies from funding, study, research, institutional development, piloting the activities in production. WB, IFAD, WFP, World Fish Center, DANIDA, DFID are the major leading bilateral partners in the fisheries sector. Few of them (DFID, etc.) are also took part in the process of sectoral review. The Fisheries Sector Review and Future Development Study in the name of ‘The Future for Fisheries’ was conducted in recent past by DFID. A number of activities have been promoted directly through government initiatives by many of the agencies.

The longer funded projects; Mymensingh Aquaculture Extension Project supported by DANIDA, Fisheries Training and Extension Project and New Fisheries Extension Project both supported by DFID have been contributed significantly in developing and applying knowledge, particularly among the poorer rural community. The Third and Forth Fisheries Projects were impacted in building capacity through primarily in aquaculture.

SUFER (Support for University Fisheries Education and Research) project of DFID under University Grants Commission (UGC) initiated (1999-2004) with partnership of universities in the country such as- Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU), Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong university beyond the traditional form of activities the support was initiated to updating and development of the fisheries curricula, moderation of syllabus, research capacity development of the researchers and demand lead aquaculture technology generation in partnership with the communities.

WorldFish Center formerly ICLARM (International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management) implementing pro-poor fisheries project directly with the beneficiaries since 1996 under a MoU signed with BARC in partnership with DoF and NGOs. Until recent (2005-2010), WFC with BARC and DoF implemented a participatory project entitled ‘Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) in Floodplains and Irrigation Systems”. The CBFM approach is consider as the best means for floodplain fisheries management nationally and globally. The approach was first initiated by WFC through DoF (1995-1999). Based on the experiences of first phase CBFM 2 (2001-2006) implemented.

The concept further exercised in the projects- Third Fisheries Project (91991-1996), Forth Fisheries Project (1999-2006) and Management of Aquatic Resources through Community Husbandry (1998-2007). Among others, WFC presently implementing an Action Research project named “Adivasi Fisheries Project” with the ethnic people of North and Northwest part of the country. The performance of all these projects established impression on homestead pond management, sustainable floodplains management, greater employment, increase nutritional and income status, ensured social safety net and food security.

The government of Bangladesh and Denmark initiated Agriculture Sector Support (ASPS) project covering ranges of activities of broader agricultural sector since 2000. The first phase (ASPS I) concluded in 2006 and in same time second phase (ASPS II) commenced and to be ended by 2012. The components of the ASPS II include; crops, seeds, horticulture, fisheries and livestock etc. The activities of fisheries and livestock are being implementing under a identity of ‘Regional Fisheries and Livestock Development Component (RFLDC)’ covering the greater Noakhali and Barisal region in Bangladesh.

Source: Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council

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