RRI – River Research Institute in Bangladesh


The River Research Institute (RRI) is a national organization working as a statutory public authority under the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The Director General is the chief executive of this Institute and responsible for implementation of the decision approved by the Government. It consists of three directorates namely, Hydraulic Research, Geotechnical Research, and Administration & Finance.


RRI has been established in view of devising plans and actions to develop water resources in a sustainable manner to meet the development needs of Bangladesh. Since its establishment RRI has been conducting multidisciplinary and problem oriented tests, studies and researches in the field of River Hydraulics, Hydraulics of Structure and Irrigation, Coastal Hydraulics, Soil Mechanics, Material Testing & Quality Control, Sediment Technology, Hydro-chemistry & Geo-chemistry and Instrumentation. The results of such tests and researches are playing a very vital role in providing information and recommendations regarding different water resources development plans and interventions.


Physical modelling facilities are available in RRI since its establishment and recently the mathematical modeling facilities are added. Both physical and mathematical model have been proved to be very essential for sound engineering judgments to find out solutions for different water resources development projects. In view of this RRI is trying to adopt hybrid modelling approach by using physical as well as mathematical modelling to improve the understanding of different water systems which may lead to safe and less expensive solutions for engineering problems. This Institute is responsible for conducting hydrodynamic and morphological study of the river mainly to derive various design parameters of the barrage, head regulator and river training works.


The samples / specimens of soil, water, sediment and construction material samples from different projects of BWDB and other Govt. and non Govt. organizations for conducting tests as specified by the Clients.

RRI has been publishing News Letter three times a year since September 1998. The description of activities of different projects and its progress, research activities, cultural activities and different types of news of RRI are included in the News Letter. The News Letter is distributed to the relevant organizations/institutes/agencies with free of cost. As a result concerned organizations/institutes/ agencies have been familiarized with the scope of works and research activities of RRI.


RRI has also been publishing journal named ‘Technical Journal’ yearly since 1991. RRI’s technical journal has already got recognition in 2000 by ISSN and its serial has been registered as ISSN 1606-9277. Multidisciplinary research activities and case studies of different projects are included in the journal.

RRI has a Board of Governors (BoG) comprising nine numbers Chaired by the Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh which reviews and evaluates the activities of RRI and approves important proposals in order that the institute can run with all its activities properly.


The activities of RRI (as per Act 53 of 1990) are directed towards the achievements of the following objectives:

  • To carry out studies for design supports in river training, riverbank protection, flood control, irrigation & drainage works and to conduct research in river engineering, sediment control, estuary and tidal effects by means of physical model.
  • To conduct mathematical model studies on river flow & regional flow network, hydrology, surface & ground water utilization and environmental issues with special attention to salinity intrusion & water quality with a view to develop the water resources.
  • To perform tests on construction materials required for river training, river bank protection, flood control, irrigation & drainage structures and to inspect and evaluate the quality of the construction works thereof.
  • To conduct training program on the above mentioned subjects and to publish reports and periodicals related to technical aspects.
  • To advise the Government, Local Authority or any organizations regarding the problems and best approach towards the solution on the above mentioned subject.
  • To co-operate and conduct joint ventured research work with other similar local or foreign organizations.
  • To take any necessary steps for performing the above mentioned works.


source: RRI-BD, For further details visit the web portal.

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