Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services – CEGIS BD


The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh established the Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) as a public trust in 2002 under the Trusts Act of 1882. It has been functioning under the aegis of the Ministry of Water Resources and a Board of Trustees. The Government of Bangladesh, USAID and the Government of The Netherlands have invested a lot of resources over a period of twelve years from 1991 to 2002 to develop CEGIS’ capacity. As a result, the organization has grown from a traditional project ‘EGIS‘ into a national institute for further developing the country’s capability for effective and efficient management of natural resources. CEGIS has been established to make services available for sustainable developments in general and in EIA-SIA in particular in a scientifically independent manner.

From its inception, CEGIS has been carrying out integrated environmental analysis by using modern technologies such as geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing (RS), databases and information technology (IT) and others. It provides solutions to issues and problems in various sectors like water, land, agriculture, fisheries, environment, engineering, power, energy, transportation, etc., and recommends technical options based on local realities that are feasible from the socio-economic and institutional point of view.

The Mission of CEGIS:
CEGIS’s mission as a scientifically independent center of excellence is to support the management of natural resources for sustainable socio-economic development using integrated environmental analysis, geographic information systems, remote sensing, and information technology.


With the aim to establish a national capacity, which would be scientifically and truly unique compared to other traditional organizations, the Government of Bangladesh established CEGIS as a national institution and a public trust in 2002. Since then CEGIS has been working as a self-financed not-for-profit government owned organization to fulfill its mission.

Little about the history of CEGIS:
CEGIS’ predecessor Environment and GIS Support Project for Water Sector Planning (EGIS) was launched in 1996 through the integration of the Environmental Study (Flood Action Plan (FAP) 16) and the Geographic Information System Study (FAP 19), supported by the USAID during 1991-1995. Funded by the Government of Bangladesh and the Government of The Netherlands, Phase I of EGIS started from 1996 and came to an end in 1997. On recommendation of a Joint Mission of the two Governments, Phase II of the project started in March 1997 and ended in June 2002.


EGIS had performed a number of environmental, GIS and RS studies and developed and acquired valuable assets that included very useful analytical tools and models along with hardware and peripherals, and most importantly a group of trained professionals of different disciplines. The Government of Bangladesh felt that such unique expertise needed to be retained through continued functioning of EGIS as a center of excellence for advisory services, research, databases and training in the fields of integrated environmental analysis and GIS and RS to assist in improving the quality of planning, implementation and monitoring of projects/programs in both public and private sectors. The EGIS staffs had acquired the necessary administrative and technical expertise/capability to efficiently run, operate and manage the ongoing programs, projects and operations of EGIS as well as to undertake similar projects and research work in future.

ICT Infrastructures:
CEGIS maintains a sophisticated and up-to-date network system equipped with the latest technology. Servers and workstations are operating on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise / Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Windows 2000 Pro / XP Pro operating system respectively. There are more than 170 workstations, a number of high-end printers, high-resolution plotters, scanners, digitizers and laptop computers. The CEGIS survey team is equipped with state of the art survey equipment including GPS, DGPS and Total Stations.


ORACLE Database Server, MS-IIS Server, Web Server, MS SQL Server 2000, MS-Exchange Server 2000, MS-SMS Server, ArcServer 9.0 Backup, ArcGIS, ArcView, ERDAS Imagine, MapInfo, ArcIMS, McAfee Enterprise and much more specialized software are running on the servers. CEGIS has its own domain (CEGISBD.COM) connected with broadband Internet service.

Research and Development:
CEGIS has a strong systematic research and development (R&D) programme. The R&D activities aim to develop new analytical tools, investigate new approaches and methodologies to address existing problems, and research application of new satellite images. The positive outcomes of the research are later implemented in different projects.


Business Development Division:
The Business Development Division explores CEGIS’ business opportunities with public, private and development-partner agencies. It helps the other Divisions to build client network and bring business to the CEGIS portfolio.

Quality Management Division:
The Quality Management Division develops standard quality control procedures and guidelines for data extraction, processing and database management. It also ensures that international quality control standards are maintained in projects implemented by CEGIS.

Finance & Accounts, Administration and Logistics & Services:
An efficient team working under the Finance and Accounts Section assists project leaders and other professionals of CEGIS in planning resources and using financial tools for their programmes. CEGIS also has a Logistics and Services Section which is responsible for all administrative and legal issues.

source: CEGIS. For further details please visit the web portal.


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