Fisheries Research Institute in Bangladesh


The fish and fisheries are integral part of the culture and heritage of Bangladesh. The sector plays a significant role in nutrition, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings. The need for a strong institutional research support to achieve the desired national goal of sustainable increased production and development of fisheries was first highlighted in the National Seminar on Fisheries Research, organized by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) in September 1982, in close collaboration with the Life Science Departments of Agricultural and General Universities and the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), FAO, and other agencies operating in fisheries research and development activities.

One of the four recommendations adopted in the workshop was to establish a national institute for fisheries research. The recommendation for establishing a national fisheries research institute was also strongly supported by the Expert Team constituted by the Ministry of Agriculture and by the World Bank Appraisal Mission for its Agricultural Research Project (Phase IV, IDA Phase II). In implementation of this recommendation, Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) was established in 1984 under an ordinance (Ordinance No. XLV of 1984) promulgated by the President of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh, which was subsequently renamed as Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute by an Act (Act 10 of 1996).

Though the Institute was established in 1984, it actually started functioning in 1986 with the recruitment of required manpower and creation of initial research facilities. Since then, the institute has been playing a key role in assisting the nation to achieve the goal of fisheries development as set out in successive development plans.

Working Linkage of FRI:
The overall research, training and management activities of the Institute are carried out in close cooperation and linkages with various national and international organizations/agencies. The Institute also keeps close contact with public extension organizations, different NGOs working in the country, for dissemination of technologies and obtaining feed-back from them. BFRI has collaborates with national Universities and maintains close liaison for fisheries research and development (R & D). Among the various international linkages of BFRI, the World Bank (WB), International Development Agency (IDA), IFAD, World Fish Center, ACIAR/CSIRO, NACA, DFID, University of Sterling, are important.

Among the national collaborators, definitely the main focus implies to the Department of Fisheries (DOF) followed by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) and have close cooperation, linkages and joint research and development programs with the NOGs’ like PROSIKA, BRAC, CARE, Bachte Shikha, Jagoroni Chokra etc.

The BFRI has signed MOU with Bangladesh Academy Rural Development (BARD), Bangladesh Agricultural University Extension Centre (BAUEC) for collaborative research and training programs. The national Universities including Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) are linked with BFRI through contract research programs and exchange of expertise and training.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To carry out basic and adaptive research for development and optimum utilization of all living aquatic resources and coordinate fisheries research activities in Bangladesh.
  • To experiment and standardize techniques for maximizing productions and better management of living aquatic resources.
  • To identify new production opportunities and develop them to usable levels.
  • To develop skilled research manpower through training.
  • To transfer the technologies to users through training of extension workers, planners, fish farmers and other relevant persons.
  • To advise the Government in all matters relating to research and management of living aquatic resources.

List of Technology using by the BFRI:
Fish breeding and seed production:

  • Breeding and hatchery management of carps
  • Collection and preservation of pituitary gland for induced breeding
  • Improved carp seed production and nursery management
  • Breeding and seed production of GIFT tilapia
  • Breeding and seed production of silver barb
  • Breeding and seed production of pabda
  • Breeding and seed production of gulsha
  • Induced breeding and seed production of pangasius
  • Golda seed production in backyard hatchery
  • Seed production and culture of magur
  • Seed production and culture of shingi

Fish Culture:

  • Carp poly-culture in perennial ponds
  • Culture of GIFT in seasonal ponds
  • Culture of silver barb in seasonal ponds
  • Culture of improved hybrid catfish
  • Culture of pangasius in ponds
  • Fish culture in pen
  • Carp poly-culture along with prawn in ponds
  • Improved shrimp culture in ghers
  • Technology for crab fattening
  • Crop rotation based shrimp and fish culture in coastal areas
  • Seabass culture using tilapia
  • Low cost fish and shrimp feed production and its application

Integrated farming:

  • Integrated chicken-fish farming
  • Integrated duck-fish farming
  • Integrated rice-fish farming

Management and policy formulation

  • Diagnosis of common diseases, treatment & healthy management
  • Conservation & development of hilsa resources
  • Floodplain fisheries resources development & management


  • Seed production of endangered fish species through in vitro fertilization
  • Production of carps, catfishes and GIFT through selective breeding
  • Production of mono-sex tilapia
  • Development of hybrid variety of magur and punti
  • Development of hybrid variety of magur and punti
  • Freshwater pearl production

source for all the info provided above is the web portal of Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (FRI). Please visit their website for further details.


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