A Little History about BAN-HRDB


A Little History about BAN-HRDB:
Bangladesh Applied Nutrition and Human Resource Development Board (BANHRDB) came into existence in 1968 as an “Applied Nutrition Project (ANP)” and started its operations in Jurain near Dhaka with the integration of agriculture and primary health services to solve the nutritional problems of the country on self-help basis.

The initial activities of the project were implemented by the financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture and under the administrative supervision of Bangladesh Diabetic Society.

As Applied Nutrition Project achieved tremendous and inspirable results on solving nutritional problems, it was decided to establish a National Organization named “ Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition (BIRTAN)” at the 154th Council Meeting of Bangladesh Diabetic Society in 1979 to spread its activities over the whole country.

Ministry of Agriculture approved the BIRTAN Project for 5 years from July 1980 to June 1985 and BARC was involved as supervisory body of the project. After that the activities were continued till June 1993 with the financial support of BARC strengthening project fund. In the meantime 4 regional stations were created at Barisal, Noakhali, Dhaka (then Sylhet) and Sirajgonj to strengthen its research and training facilities on applied nutrition.

Financial support for BIRTAN was closed in July 1993 when the manpower of BARC were started to transfer to Revenue Budget.

Then from July 1993 BIRTAN Project was started to be implemented as a separated project of MOA with the approval of Planning Commission and was included in the revised ADP for one year by ECNEC.

It was decided in an Inter Ministerial Meeting held in MOA on 17.04.1994 that BIRTAN Project would be transferred to Sectoral Revenue Budget of Agriculture Ministry.

After thorough evaluation of the project, IMED recommended BIRTAN to be transferred along with its manpower (45 posts) to Revenue Budget and the then Ministry of Establishment (now Ministry of Public Administration) approved 45 posts to be transferred to Revenue Budget.

BIRTAN was renamed as “Bangladesh Applied Nutrition and Human Resource Development Board” (BANHRDB) by a Cabinet Meeting on 01.01.2000 and after vetting by the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, a regulation was proposed on 30.12.2001 and it was published in Bangladesh Gazette on January 10, 2002 in order to determine BIRTAN status as an autonomous body. Afterwards, Ministry of Agriculture circulated an Administrative order in this regards.

As the existing posts of BANHRDB was not decided whether they were in the Revenue Budget or elsewhere, later on in a Secretarial Committee Meeting it was decided that according to the clause 14 of the BANRDB Regulation 2002, the existing posts (45 posts) of BANHRDB had already been transferred to the Revenue Budget.

Henceforth from July 2004, the activities of BANHRDB are being implemented under the Revenue Budget allocation and till now.

The 1st meeting of BANHRDB Board of Management was held in the Ministry of Agriculture on April 3, 2007 where a decision was taken to make a draft ordinance to strengthen the BANHRDB.

Consequently a sub-committee consisting of 10 members was made in this regard with Additional Secretary (PPC) of Ministry of Agriculture as Convener.

The sub-committee considering the nature and type of activities of the Board recommended its former name BIRTAN to be restored. According to the recommendation of the sub-committee, the 2nd BANHRDB Board of Management Meeting approved the earlier name BIRTAN.

The proposed draft ordinance was then prepared as An Act as the 9th Parliament was established in 2009 and it was modified several times by the 3 rd , 4th , 5th , 6th and 7th Board of Management Meetings of BANRDB for its onward processing.

Thanks, for further details please go to the web portal of BANHRD BD.

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