Bangladesh Applied Nutrition and Human Resource Development Board – BANHRDB


Based on the info provided on the official web portal, Bangladesh Applied Nutrition and Human Resource Development Board (BANHRDB) came into existence in 1968 as an Applied Nutrition Project (ANP) which continued until 1979 with developed methodologies for solving nutrition problems on self-help basis. After the success, the project was renamed as Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition (BIRTAN) based in Dhaka under the Ministry of Agriculture. BIRTAN has been renamed again as Bangladesh Applied Nutrition and Human Resource Development Board (BANHRDB) in the year 2000.

Vision of BANHRDB:
The primary goal of BANHRDB is to impart training and conduct field research on applied nutrition especially food based nutrition to make Bangladesh as a self-reliant, prosperous, poverty free and skilled human resourceful country.


Reduction of Nutritional Problems: To help in identifying cheap but nutritionally rich food items and to create awareness in taking nutritionally balanced diet. Helping people in solving nutritional problems by acquiring knowledge on how to choose low priced food items but rich in nutrition on the basis of age for children, men, women and sick people of different strata. Thus play a pivotal role in the reduction of nutritional problems and to contribute in the developmental process of the country.

Development of Skilled Human Resources: Development of human resources through training on food based applied nutrition and increasing working capabilities as professional people to play their respective role in solving those nutritional problems.

Reduction of Unemployment: The people those will be chosen for taking training on food based nutrition will be trained in such way that they will learn how to cultivate /planting nutritionally rich fast growing vegetables and fruit trees in their kitchen gardens. They will also be oriented in such a way that they will learn how to culture fast growing fishes in their small ditches or ponds, small scale food preservation, processing and marketing. They will also be capable of solving their own problems and it will help to become them self-reliant and obviously will contribute to poverty reduction by creating employment opportunity.

Creation of Entrepreneur: One of the objectives is to provide training on small scale food processing and preservation to comparatively financially less privileged people / family or small entrepreneurs on nutritionally rich fruits or vegetables. These will create small and middle industrial entrepreneurs for neglected indigenous fruits and vegetables.

For further details please visit official web portal of BAN-HRDB.


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