A Little about The Department of Agriculture Marketing – DAM


Marketing plays a pivotal role in all stages of economic development in any country. Marketing consideration starts even before the production decision and sustainability of the production technologies are determined, among others by the marketing factor. So the role of marketing to increase and sustain agricultural production can hardly be ever emphasized. Keeping in view the importance of marketing.

A little History of DAM:
The Agricultural Marketing Adviser prepared and submitted a scheme to the Government of Bangladesh for creating a Marketing Department. Government accepted it and the central and provincial Marketing staff were appointed in 1935. The Government of undivided Bengal realizing the importance and the potentialities placed the Department on permanent basis in 1943 under the Agriculture and Industries Department of the Government of undivided Bengal. After Independence the set up of the Directorate of Agricultural Marketing was approved by the Government in 1954 under the Agriculture, co-operation and Relief Department of the Government of East Pakistan. In 1960 the Provincial Reorganization Committee approved the set of the Directorate with manpower in divisional, district and sub-divisional level.

In 1982 The Government of Bangladesh re-organized the Ministries / Divisions and Department on the recommendation of the Committee on Organizational setup headed by Brigadier Enamul Haque Khan.  At that time considering the importance, status and functions, the directorate was renamed as Department of Agricultural Marketing or as DAM. And the official web portal DAM is perhaps the most comprehensive source of secondary level socio-economic Bangladesh-agriculture statistical data on Internet.

Main Content of DAM:
The Portal provides both static and dynamic information relating to agricultural marketing in Bangladesh. The static information is about   infrastructure- related (Storage, warehousing, Cold Storage, grading and packing facilities), Market related (market fee / charges, handling, market functionaries. The dynamic part comprises Price-related information comprising maximum, minimum and model prices of varieties, total arrivals and dispatches with destination.

Main Users of DAM:
This site is specially targeted at sociologists, economists, academicians,  analysts & professionals in marketing, finance, development studies and a host of other disciplines, policy makers, researchers, educational and other institutions, corporate, students and others who have the requirement of socio-economic statistical data from various fields about Bangladesh and its 64 Districts.

Method of Collection and Dissemination of Data:
The portal is run by the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection with the technical assistance of NIC as consultant on Turn-key basis. The computer facility has been provided at different markets at grassroots level and connected to internet with DMI Headquarters. An individual market centers enters the data in the prescribed format, using the customized application software.  The information is either sent through State Government or directly to DMI Hqrs. Khamarbari. From Khamarbari it is uploaded to the portal.  The data from DMI Headquarter is transferred to portal twice in a day, first at 1100 hrs and then at 1600 hrs except on market/public holidays.

Impact of DAM web portal:
The portal is considered as an important flagship of the Government of Bangladesh Schemes and efforts are afoot to make it of real use/service to the farmers.  About 600 markets are reporting data every month.  IFFCO, a Cooperative Sector company, has been involved in disseminating the price information to a large network of farmer’s cooperatives, Public sector banks; commodity exchanges, news papers, etc. are using the site for publishing the data on prices of agricultural commodities apart from other international organizations.

Services provided by the DAM Commodities:

  • Different market information including price are provided from DAM.
  • Promotional activities are being carried out for the awareness of nutrition and food value of new product.
  • Assist to establish linkages between farmers, traders and agri-business entrepreneur.
  • Help farmers organize to supply Agribusiness needs.
  • Continue to develop the MIS, providing information to farmers, traders, bankers, BBS, Govt. and Non-Govt. organization.
  • Providing storage & credit facilities to farmers in selected areas under SHOGORIP Project.

Readers, The info provided in this post are based on the official web portal of DAM. For more information please visit the web portal of DAM.



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