DAM – Department of Agriculture Marketing BD


Hello Readers,
How are you ? Today I am going to make a little review about another agricultural initiative of the Government of Bangladesh which is called The Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM).

Based on the information’s provided on the web portal The DAM is under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Bangladesh has undertaken an e-government initiative that would utilize the power of ICT to develop and disseminate critical agricultural market information to farmers, traders, government, policy makers, development agencies and other stakeholders.

Under the overall coordination and support of the Government’s Support to ICT Task Force, DAM has developed the first phase of its programme to automate data entry at the district level where market information of agricultural products is collected from local markets.

The initiative also attempts at developing the capacity of the DAM head office in Dhaka City to consolidate and coordinate dissemination of the information to government, farmers, and other stakeholders.

The web enabled information system would make a significant contribution to DAM’s effort to collect and disseminate updated information on agricultural market prices on a daily basis. Additionally, the information system would enable the DAM to undertake extensive analysis of market behaviour and pattern of agricultural products that would be of considerable value to government policy makers and other users.

The Department of Agriculture Marketing (DAM) will strive to continuously refine and update relevant information and analysis generated from its market information system. Concurrently, it will upgrade the technology drivers of its information system to provide for greater coverage and appropriate dissemination of agricultural market inform.

For more information about DAM and to know daily prices for agro based products please visit DAM web portal. Below are the all contact details found from the web portal:

Support to Good Governance Program:
Focal Point Officer:
Md.Shafiqur Rahman Shaikh
Chief (Research, Planning & Development)
Department of Agricultural Marketing
Phone: 02-9114093 (Off.), 02-8034698 (Res.)
Fax: 02-9139385
E-mail: chief@dam.gov.bd
Cell: 01731928006

IT Cell:
Focal Point Officer:
Omar Faruk Chowdhury
Deputy Director(RETC)
Department of Agricultural Marketing
Phone: 02-9115997 (Off.), 02-8159327 (Res.)
Fax: 02-9139385
E-mail: dd_retc@dam.gov.bd
Cell: 01720014872

Thanks for reading this post.

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