SCA – Seed Certified Agency of Bangladesh


As per the info provided on the web portal of their own, Seed Certification Agency (SCA) is the only Govt. authorized body for the quality control of all kinds of Seeds in Bangladesh. SCA has been established in 1974 under Cereal Seed project as per provision of First Five Years plan (1973-78) of the Govt. of Bangladesh.

The SCA is a statutory body authorized to undertake certification of Breeder, Foundation and Certified classes of seeds of released or registered varieties of crops in Bangladesh. The mission of the agency is to make available sufficient quantities of high quality seeds to the farmers that will help them to increase crop productivity and to attain sustainable food security and self sufficiency in the country.

The responsibility of this agency was limited only with the seeds produced by the public sector till third Five Years Plan (1985- 90). In the Fourth Five Years Plan (1990- 95) its working jurisdiction was extended also to seed testing and certification of the seeds produced by Public, private and NGO sector. Seed Certification Agency has been performing its role for seed certification of five notified crops (Rice, Wheat, Jute, Potato and Sugarcane).

The SCA certify and maintain the quality of seeds through Field Inspection, Seed Testing and Variety Testing as per decision of the National Seed Board (NSB) and regulations Provided by the National Seed Policy-1993, The Seeds Ordinance-1977, The Seeds (amendment) Act-1997, Seed Rules-1998 and Seed (amendment) Act-2005. To make the vision 2021 of the Government of Bangladesh successful, this web portal will be helpful to all the peoples related to this sector. Click on the link provided in this post of the website of SCA BD.


According to the SCA, It has three technical wings, these are as follows:

  1. Variety Testing Wing: Under variety testing wing there are a control farm and a laboratory in Gazipur district where Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS), Value of Cultivation Uses (VCU) and pre-post control grow out tests are performed. Facility for DNA fingerprinting is present in the Variety Testing Laboratory (VTL).
  1. Field Inspection Wing: Under field inspection wing there are 5 Regional field offices and 30 Field offices throughout the country. Seed crop fields of the intending NARS organizations, BADC, NGO’s and others private growers are inspected and seed samples are collected by the field officers of SCA.
  1. Seed Testing Wing: Under seed testing wing there is a National Seed Testing Laboratory (NSTL) at Gazipur, 5 Regional Seed Testing Laboratories (RSTL) and 25 Mini seed Testing Laboratories (MSTL) attached to 25 Field Offices. The 5 RSTL’s are located in Pabna, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Jessore and Chittagong. Presently the RSTL in Pabna is functioning and others will be in function soon. Purity analysis, moisture determination and germination tests are done in these laboratories as routine tests. NSTL is a designated member of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).

On the basis of field inspection reports and seed testing results certification tags are provided- Green for Breeder, White for Foundation and Blue for Certified class. Field officers have also been entrusted to monitor and verify the quality of marketed seeds.

And SCA also has three sections, these are namely as:

  • Administration and Personnel section
  • Finance and Accounts section and
  • Training and Publication section

To know more details about Seed Certified Agency of Bangladesh (SCA), please visit their web portal.

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