Advance Search and Post Query options in BARI !

Dear Readers,

In this post I am going to introduce you about the following E-Service related to the subject Agriculture from the portal of BARI – Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute. These services are:

An Advance or Customized Search option (for Commodity and Non Commodity report):

Post your own Query and Get your Answers directly:

Since these services is direct from the Government of Bangladesh, I think people of this country related to Agriculture and Farming will get some special benefits from this it.

Take a look at the Screen Shots in this post, Click on them for a larger view. On the right side navigation menu in the Homepage of the site BARI, in the Advance Search section you can click on the link to view Commodity Report and Non Commodity Report. In the new page select from various categories and click on SHOW DATA Button. You will get your desired customized report.



Below the Advance Search section you will see the Latest Post / Query section. In this section anyone can ask any question regarding any matter related to Agriculture and Farming. On the bottom of this section click on “Post a New Message”, a new page will appear, enter you name, email, select your location, type your query and press the SUBMIT button.


You will get your reply soon, it will appear on the query section. Click on the links at the top of this query section to see previous Posts and Queries of others.


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