A little about the Agriculture Sector in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is mainly called an agricultural country. Most of the people of the country are directly or indirectly involved in agricultural related activities to earn their livelihood. Agriculture has a great contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Bangladesh. Earlier more than 50% of GDP came from this sector. When Industrialization starts happening, the activities of the population starts diversification towards to different other sectors. As a result, the contribution of the agriculture sector is slowly reducing and now reached at 19% share of the GDP.

Still Agriculture is playing a vital role and is known as the most important sector of the economy of the country. Bangladesh by birth possesses has a very fertile land in which diversified crops grow very easily. The land of Bangladesh for Agriculture and Farming purposes called valuable than gold. Various types of crops are produced in this country.

These crops might have been categorized into two- Food crops and Cash crops. Three types of paddy namely Aus, Aman and Boro, another cereal crop Wheat are produced in this country, which are called major cereal crops. Rice is the staple food of the people of Bangladesh. Aman is the most important cereal crop which shares about 37% of total rice production (BBS estimate 2008-09). The production of Aman largely depends on the use of fertilizers, irrigation etc.

The Government of Bangladesh has, therefore, provided top most priority to the agriculture sector specially on food crops to increase the production of cereals by giving subsidy to the farmers on different inputs such as fertilizer, irrigation etc. to achieve self sufficiency in food. Poverty cannot be reduced to a desired level excepting increasing productivity of agriculture sector and at the same time it is to be assured that farmers get fair price of the crops. Natural calamity like drought, flood, cyclone, tornado etc. is a very regular phenomenon which hinders the production of agriculture to a great extent.

Cultivable land is being decreased due to the pressure of massive population. On the area of 1,44,000 sq, mile the population is near about 160 million. As a result, food security is being threatened and the risk of poor people is being increased. The Bangladesh Government is remarkably concerned about this agriculture sector. Notable portion of annual budget has consistently been allocated for the last couple of years for the development of the sector. Government has also been launching many programs one after another in order to boost up the agriculture production.

Production of crops, cost of production of crops and market price of crops are directly interrelated. Government has to give proper attention on these three factors as stated so that the farmer get fair price of the crop produced during the harvest time. Generally, Government has to declare procurement price at the harvesting time of the crop so that producer get proper price. Procurement price of the crop has to be fixed considering all these matters. If procurement price is lower than the production cost, producers get looser and discouraged to produce more crops and if procurement price is higher than the production cost, producers get profit and encouragement.

This type of loss and profit influence positively or negatively on the cultivation of next year’s crops. So, an objective survey is necessary to know the cost of production of crops at farmer’s level. And as such this project has been given the responsibility of conducting a survey on the cost of production of the Aman paddy.

Dear readers, most part of this post has been taken from the Report on the Cost of Production of Aman Paddy (2008-09) by (UCPSCP) BANGLADESH BUREAU OF STATISTICS (Statistics Division – Ministry of Planning). To know more statistical report about Agriculture in Bangladesh go to BBS – Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics site.


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