Partners of IRRI’s in Bangladesh


Dear readers,

Below are the list of some organizations of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh that works together with IRRI (International Rice Research Institute). Bangladesh is working with IRRI for more than 30 years.

  • Agricultural Advisory Society
  • Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development – BARD
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council – BARC
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute – BARI
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University – BAU
  • Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute – BFRI
  • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute – BRRI
  • Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee – BRAC
  • Bangladesh Water Development Board – BWDB
  • Department of Agricultural Extension – DAE BD
  • Department of Agriculture – Karnal
  • Health Education and Economic Development
  • Local Government Engineering Department – LGED
  • Rajshahi University
  • Rangpur-Dinajpur Rural Services
  • Rural Development Academy – RDA
  • University of Dhaka
  • Centre for Integrated Rural and Agricultural Development
  • ActionAid Bangladesh
  • Soil Resources Development Institute
  • CARE
  • APEX
  • Advanced Chemical Indutries Ltd.
  • D-Net
  • Bangladesh Telecentre Network
  • Barendra Multipurpose Development Authority
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
  • Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute
  • Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation
  • SocioConsult Ltd.
  • Practical Action

For further info related to Rice and other Agriculture production in Bangladesh read other posts of this Blog and to know more about IRRI go to their site.

Thanks a lot.

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