All about Rice in one Place – BRKB

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This post will be a little bit helpful for the Farmer involved in the production of Rice or Paddy. And specially any farmers from Bangladesh will really get benefited. In my previous post I gave a little statistics about the staple food, Rice in Bangladesh. All data on that post was collected from BRKB – Bangladesh Rice Knowledge Bank under the BRRI – Bangladesh Rice Research Institute.

BRKB is really an Agriculture knowledge bank. On the left side navigation menu you will get all information’s need to produce Rice. Info about the following things can be learned from this site:

  • About various special quality seeds of rice and the process of their cultivation.
  • Modern cultivation process of rice.
  • Soil and Fertilizer management and process to grow the maximum output.
  • Tips and info about various insects in rice field.
  • Various Diseases causes harmful for the growing of Rice or Paddy.
  • Tips to produce and collect better quality seeds.
  • Irrigation work during the cultivation process.
  • Various Agro related equipments that help to cultivate rice easily and smoothly.

I already said that this site will especially helpful for the farmer of Bangladesh, since the tips and descriptions about those topic above are in Bangla. Some of the contents and descriptions are in English and I think in the near future all of the information’s in this site will be published in English languages.

This step is one of the step by the Government of Bangladesh to make a Digital Bangladesh. Since the system has started and if we can use the power of Technology in the field of Agriculture, we will be able more benefits from it.

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All about Rice in one Place – BRKB

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