A small Statistics about the Staple Food of Bangladesh – Rice

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Here is a small history and statistics about the main and staple food of the People of Bangladesh, Rice. Information’s in this post has been taken from the official portal of BRKB – Bangladesh Rice Knowledge Bank.

Rice in Bangladesh:

Rice is the staple food of about 135 million people of Bangladesh. It provides nearly 48% of rural employment, about two-third of total calorie supply of the body and about one-half of the total protein intake of an average person in the country. Rice sector contributes one-half of the agricultural GDP and one-sixth of the national income of Bangladesh. Almost all of the 13 million farm families of the country grow rice. Rice is grown on about 10.5 million hectares which has remained almost stable over the past three decades. About 75% of the total cropped area in Bangladesh and over 80% of the total irrigated area is planted to rice. Rice plays a vital role in the livelihood of the people of Bangladesh.

In 1971 the total production of rice in Bangladesh was about 10.59 million tons and the population of the country on that year was about 70.88 million. But now, the country is producing about 25.0 million tons of rice to feed her 135 million people. This indicates that the growth of rice production was much faster than the growth of the population of the country. This increased rice production has been possible largely due to the adoption of modern rice varieties on around 66% of the rice land which contributes to about 73% of the country’s total rice production.

However, there is no reason to be complacent. The population of Bangladesh is still growing by two million every year and may increase by another 30 millions over the next 20 years. Thus, Bangladesh will require about 27.26 million tons of rice for the year 2020. During this time total rice area will also shrink to 10.28 million hectares because of the population incrementation. Rice yield therefore, needs to be increased from the present 2.74 to 3.74 t/ha.

To combat the future situation we will need to consider:

  • Replacement of local varieties by modern varieties in T. Aman season where possible.
  • Limited increase in modern variety Boro area.
  • Replacement of the present varieties by superior inbred, hybrid and super high yielding varieties.
  • Increment of irrigation areas in both boro and T. aman season.
  • Application of superior resource management technologies.
  • The use of quality seeds.
  • Mechanization of rice cultivation particularly minimization of post harvest losses.

For more information and other statistics about Rice, please visit the portal of BRKB.

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