DAE – Department of Agriculture Extensions, Bangladesh

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This post is a review of another Website about DAE which is called Department of Agriculture Extension of the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Most part of this writing has been taken from the Website of DAE which describe a little history of Agriculture in Bangladesh an Agriculture based country in South Asia.

In the year between 1862 -65 the country had to face a severe famine. Government formed a famine commission. This commission first advocated forming an Agriculture Department. Consequently in 1870 the agriculture department was formed as a revenue department. In the year 1960 a separate Agriculture Department was established by the Government. At that time an agriculture farm covering 1000 acres of land was set up at Monipur area in Dhaka city (present National Parliament area). This agriculture farm was attached to the Agriculture Department.

For conducting research about agriculture, a laboratory was established in the year of 1909 and In 1914 the Government employed an Agriculture Extension Officer in each district. Their academic background was not agriculture. In 1943 agriculture graduates were appointed to the agriculture department. In 1950 the then East Pakistan government initiated the extension and development program among the farmers through the VAID project.

Government established Plant Protection Wing in 1956, Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation in 1961, Agriculture Information Center in 1962, DAEM and DARI in the year 1970. After the independence of Bangladesh government took initiatives to strengthen agriculture extension program and established cotton development board, tobacco development board, horticulture board.

In 1975 agriculture directorate (Extension and Management) and Jute directorate were established. In 1982 Six agencies responsible for technology transfer DAE (E and M), DA( jp), plant protection directorate, horticulture board, tobacco development board and central extension resource and development institute  (CERDI) were merged to form the present Agriculture Extension Department (DAE).

From 1977 to 1990 the DAE conducted the agriculture extension activities under the concept of Training & Visit (T&V) approach. But since 1990 the agriculture extension programs have been going on successfully under the concept of group approach. In 1996 government adopted the New Agriculture Extension Policy (NAEP) to conduct a well planned Agriculture Extension Service in Bangladesh. The Department of Agricultural Extension’s mission is to provide efficient and effective needs based extension services to all categories of farmer, to enable them to optimize their use of resources, in order to promote sustainable agricultural and socioeconomic development of Bangladesh.

For more information about DAE visit the site www.dae.gov.bd


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