Agriculture Information Service – AIS Bangladesh

Agriculture Information Service – AIS is another E-Service for the people of Bangladesh from Govt. AIS works mainly to disseminate agricultural technologies towards farming community using print and electronic media. Furthermore, AIS included ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to faster and appropriate transfer of agricultural technology and service.

The e-service from AIS is running under the Ministry of Agriculture, BD from the year 1961 in Bangladesh. The website is mainly in Bangla, some pages are shown in English. AIS is regularly arranging various workshop, seminar, conference, occasion in the country. Some other services are providing in this site like: Regional Agriculture info, Telephone guide, Dealership system, various publications, opportunities, weather etc.

In the E-Krishi (e-agriculture) section you will get various information’s about crops and seeds like, Oil crops, Dana crops, Fal crops, Masla crops, Vegetable crops, Tuber crops and lots of other crops. Some others info like fisheries, livestock, agri machinery, nutrition, tob flower tree etc.

The site has launched recently, if the authority behind the service is really want to provide a better e-services for the people of Bangladesh and around the world than it will a milestone of the Bangladesh. Some section in the service need more modernization and modifications.

Please visit the site of Agriculture Information Service (AIS) for more info. Thanks.

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