Fertilizer Quantities for Aus crops in Bangladesh

Rice production system depends on a various management practices such as irrigation and fertilizer applications, crop management practices, use of new high yielding varieties and modern technologies. Aus rice is one of the major cereal food grains in Bangladesh. Fertilizer is the most important nutrient elements in soils and plays the most vital role in … Continue reading

AUS Crop – Land Preparation and Seed Costing

Before sowing / planting of Aus paddy the seeds / seedlings land has to be prepared well by tilling. Generally land is tilled by using local plough or power tiller. Presently in Bangladesh most of the land is tilled by power tiller. Expenditure per acre (in Tk.) involved in land preparation is shown in the … Continue reading

Technology based E-Agriculture in Bangladesh

The economy of Bangladesh is mainly agricultural. Agriculture is the largest sector in Bangladesh, comprising almost 80% people’s involvement by contributing 21-23% of the GDP. About 80 percent of the total population lives in rural areas, and 62 percent of them are directly, and others are indirectly engaged in a wide range of agricultural activities. … Continue reading

Land Tenure-Ship for Aus Cultivation in Bangladesh

Although the area under Aus crop in Bangladesh has been declining due to tremendous increase in the area under Boro crop, still Aus crop contributes a significant share in overall supply of cereal crops. The total area under Aus crop in the year 2008-09 was 10.66 lac hectares. The total production was estimated about 18.95 … Continue reading

Aus Paddy – Major Cereal crop of Bangladesh

Aus paddy is a major cereal crop of Bangladesh. The paddy which are sown during the month March-April and harvested in July-August every year is considered to be Aus paddy. There are two types of Aus paddy namely local Aus and high yielding variety (HYV) Aus. From time immemorial Aus paddy which is grown in … Continue reading

Pesticides Irrigation and other costs for Aman

Production cost survey for Aman crop was carried out in March, 2009. In the previous posts about various costing was also carried out in the same time. In this survey, data on area under Aman paddy, land tenure, leasing, means of land preparation, seed and seedling cost, quantity and cost of fertilizer used, insecticides cost, … Continue reading